Başak Kılıç Anar, was born in 1978. She graduated from Bilkent University with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management in 2000.

She began her career in the hospitality industry working in operational departments such as food and beverage and front office at ‘Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center Ankara’.

After having teaching certification from Education Faculty of Başkent University, she worked as an English Teacher at Yüce Schools Ankara and Istanbul Bilfen Schools for five years. During this period, she participated in teaching development courses, TDC Part 1 / TDC Part 2 in the British Council.

In 2007 Mrs. Anar started to work as a Training Manager in the pre-opening team under ‘Marriott’ brand combining the experience in ‘hospitality’ and ‘education. She delivered training in such areas as ‘Service Excellence’, ‘Communication for Success’, ‘Stress Management’, ‘Time Management’, Interview Techniques’, ‘Performance Evaluations’ to the hotel associates.

She completed Leadership Training at Marriott International; ‘Train the Trainer’ (Belgium, 2008), ‘Impact of leadership’ (Istanbul, 2008), ‘Foundation of Leadership’ (Samara, 2008), ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ (İstanbul, 2009)

Başak Kılıç Anar joined the Marriott International Europe Management Training Network and after being certified she facilitated ‘Dynamic Teams’ training at some Marriott brands throughout Europe.

Following years Mrs. Anar started to work as a Human Resources and Training Manager in the pre-opening team of the first investment of Hilton Hotels and Resorts on Istanbul Anatolia side for four years. She played a significant role in following the Hilton core and brand standards as well as the HR duties and responsibilities.

As of today she is giving training and human resources consultancy to the service industry. At the same time, she has participated in Coaching Certification at Adler International Learning School. As a consultant, Mrs. Anar worked with Raffles Istanbul, different franchise hotels of Hilton brand, Çakmak Erdem Hospital.

Mrs. Anar presently lives in Istanbul with her husband and daughter.