Financial Budgeting and Audit Consultancy

Finansal Bütçeleme ve Denetim Danışmanlığı

Financial study, supervision and auditing is important for a brand to achieve its financial targets  successfully. Standardization and auditing directly affect the profitability, continuity and competitiveness of the brand standard.

The main purpose of the control system is to draw attention to the existing and risk factors within the enterprise and to take the necessary measures in order to meet these risks with the least damage without turning into real threats.

Establishing a Financial Control System

  • Establishing financial management policies and standards
  • Ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information
  • Protecting business assets
  • Preventing errors and corruption

Employee Training

  • Produced standards transfer to employees

Inspection of Standards

  • Ensure control of all standards that have been implemented
  • To report all the checks performed to investors in a report
  • Present all control performs to investors.