Alp Numanoğlu, had started his business life at Bilkent University, Tourism Hotel & Services Vacational Training School. In his first years, he had his training programs, practical experiences in different hotels. After the graduation in 1992, he continued his professional life in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

He worked in different mid level and high level management positions in other countries-cities such as; Naples, Jeddah and Barcelona and in Turkey; Ankara, Antalya, Marmaris and Istanbul. Mostly he had been working in F&B side of the sector but also he had positions as Sales Representative, Organizator, Managing Director, Operations Manager, Asst. General Manager, Hotel Manager, F&B Manager and Director of F&B. He has worked in the fields of renovation, opening, training, sales, marketing, selection of personnel, establishment of food and beverage infrastructure, management and fulfillment of all financial responsibilities.
During his 28 years of experience he realized that nothing might be as it’s seems, so for being ready for most changes in business life he decided to improve himself especially in innovation, creativity, sales & marketing, food & beverage and training programs.

While serving in different branches of service and hospitality sector; he worked for a long time in shaping management with investor and employee relations. He took part in preparation and opening stages of different organizations, before opening and during operating. Özyeğin University, where he had the chance to pass on his experiences with great pleasure as part-time, in his business life; he gives consultancy services to companies, private groups and individuals in the fields of customer relations, making a difference, developing personal awareness and competencies with Trainer and Author Murat Bilgili.

The group companies he worked with in his business life are Marriott International, Gloria Golf Club & Hotels - Özaltın Group of Companies, Hilton International, Bilintur, Bilkent Hotel & Conference Center, Sports International Fitness & Athletic Clubs, Mydonose Entertainment - Reysaş Group of Companies, Hard Rock Café - Kaya Group, Hard Rock Café - Corporate Europe, Play Off Restaurant - DiNardo Famiglia, IPCA - Binladin Group - Saudi Arabia, Mares Hotel - Golden Dolphin - Koç Group of Companies, IVY Californian Brasserie, MNG Sports Club

Alp Numanoğlu is former of Chain Des Rotisseurs - Ankara board member and is currently a board member of TUROYD.