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We create infrastructure for your hotel CRM, record any information you want for  guest, you can easily access them at any time, using this information; increase guest satisfaction during their stay, use reports and statistics. You can communicate with your guest by e-letter, e-card, SMS or E-Mail.

CRM for a hotelier is a business philosophy that aims to protect and expand the guests who are growing and adding value to the hotel. This means that all of the methods used to provide the highest gain on the guest base, which is the most important asset of a hotel. Although guest satisfaction is an old concept, what makes this matter so important today is that the value of the hotels in the globalized world has begun to be measured with the total guest satisfaction they have achieved rather than the profit they have achieved.

Standard ID, invoice, address, telephone, credit card, language, occupation, group information.
Unlimited separated requests, features, preferences etc. easy access to all kinds of guest information Question-Answer, information record, questionnaire format etc. information recording in unlimited details.

Show only answered questions or fields with information entered for each guest Complaint follow-up (follow-up, result, cost)

Follow-up of special guest requests, their department, time and repetition characteristics and planning, cost analysis-statistics of these requests Multi-tasking for requests and complaints, separate task description and automatic E- Mail / SMS notifications.

Reservation, accommodation, payment etc. automatically updated statistics according to system information (Last room number, date of stay, number of visits and accommodation, total or average of expenditure, etc.) comfortable and flexible reporting based on all information entered
Guest accommodation, reservation, expenditure, current account, complaints, preferences, requests, health procedures, survey etc. one touch screen access to all information
Tracking and information entries via mobile devices.


we support to continue web design with our Solution Partners, to encode the management panel, add products or hotel photos for the website or create catalog designs, prepare products as interactive CDs, website search engine optimizations (Google, Yandex, Bing) and support to complete the website.

We provide the best and highest quality service to our investors with the knowledge and experience of our solution partners who have worked for many years in the computer, internet, design and programming sector.

Our topics we serve;

  • Graphic design
  • Web designing
  • Web Programming
  • Web Application
  • E-Commerce
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • 3D Drawing and Modeling