Hotel Technology Management Consultancy

Otel Teknolojileri Yönetim Danışmanlığı

Project Preliminary Study

In business positioning, to prepare for the preliminary study of information systems by conducting feasibility studies within the framework of brand / investor forecasts.

Project Preparation

To prepare a complete information systems project based on experience with 25 years in sector and to provide implementation support with business needs.

  • Prepare and provide implementation support.
  • Preparing projects, System designs, standards, performance efficiency segmentation,
  • Preparing and managing technical specifications,
  • Preparing project budget preparation and budget,
  • Following the budget management of investment, take measures to reduce expenditure budget costs (capex-opex),
  • Manage IT (information Technologies) purchase contracts,

Structured cabling

  • Copper Cable Solutions
  • Fiber Cable Solutions,
  • G-PON (Gigabit Passive Optic Network) Infrastructure Solutions,

 Telephone & Operator Systems Solutions

  • PBX Solutions,
  • IP Telephones Solutions,
  • Wired and Wireless Telephone Devices

Network Active - Passive Solutions

  • Lan / Wan Solutions,
  • Voice / Data Integration,
  • Wireless and Wired Network Solutions,
  • Network Cabinets and Auxiliary Parts,

Data Center

  • Elevated data center base,
  • Server cabinet and design,
  • Active and passive devices for cabinets, Active device programming,
  • Data center security input,
  • Data center fire safety system (FM 200)

Server & Virtualization

  • Server Supply and Installation & Virtual Server,
  • Backup Units and Installation,
  • Firewall and Network Security

Security Cameras CCTV

  • CCTV IP Infrastructure,
  • CCTV Coax Infrastructure,
  • CCTV Hybrid Infrastructure

Card Entry Systems

  • Security Card Access Systems (Access Control),
  • Employee Card Access Systems (PDKS),
  • Guest Card Access Control Systems,

Inroom Entertainment

  • Ip Tv Solutions,
  • Inroom Entertainment Solutions (VoD),
  • Ip / Analog / Digital Telephone Products,
  • Media Hub Products and Solutions

Hotel / Building Management Systems

  • Front office management system - PMS
  • Sales and Banquet Management System - S & C
  • Inventory and Cost Control Systems,
  • Accounting and Financial Reports,
  • Personnel Payroll and Attendance Tracking Systems - Human Resources Systems,
  • Hotel / Building Information Systems (Info Board-Digital Signage)
  • Internet Security Applications (HOTSPOT)
  • CRM Applications,
  • Loyalty System Applications (LOYALTY)
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

Car Parking Control

  • Systems
  • Car park entrance and control systems

Information Screens

  • Modern design
  • Dynamic and full motion graphics
  • Screen-based communication

Information Systems Specification Preparation
To prepare appropriate specifications on the basis of product and / or product groups used in every stage of weak flow processes.

Hotel / Building Opening Process Tracking - I

Planning the procurement processes of hardware / software for Hotel / Building Information Systems, commissioning, training completion and guest acceptance day (first day hotel opening) organization .

Hotel / Building Opening Process Tracking - II

Hotel / building Information Systems installation of operating systems, user training and planning applications.

Domain setup, AD user definitions

  • e-mail server installation - User definitions
  • User Computers setup and AD user definitions,
  • All hotel requests installation and commissioning processes.
  • Internet infrastructure and installation processes for guest and hotel staff
  • Backup unit installation and procedure
  • Supervisor training.

Opening Support Processes And Training

After opening, follow-up of all prescribed procedures, monitoring of IT processes with 3-month or 6-month on-site checks , training and follow-up of the System Specialist.