Food Hygiene and Quality Management

Gıda Hijyen ve Kalite Yönetimi

We conduct in quality management systems, guest safety,  food hygiene issues, hygiene supervision consultancy, certification and training projects. with our expert staff.

We provide consultancy, training and certification services to ;

Food Hygiene and Water Safety Audits,
Confidential Customer Audits,
ISO 9001 Quality Management System,
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System,
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System,
ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System,
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

How we do

we are focused on the businesses with taking advantage of the technology benefits at the maximum level and we provide software hygiene control program.

The results of the audit can be seen without losing time at the end of the audit,

Reporting activities by logging in to program using user name / password from mobile phone, computer and tablet.

It also includes visuals for reporting nonconformities. Statistical analysis of data, competitive business analysis, regional analysis and departmental analysis can be obtained from the same program. If the result of the report is in the range of 85-100 points, the Certificate of Achievement is given to the business.

Our business is quality management system certification activities in all companies.

What are the benefits of our work?

Establishment of quality management systems in enterprises,

implementation of standard and total quality principles, ensuring continuity of the enterprise, prevention of economic losses due to errors and uncertainties, monitoring of business activities in the customer window, and controlling the real performance of the enterprise with financial, customer, internal process and informing development measurements,

Controlling with hygiene inspections to food hygiene, personnel and equipment hygiene.

It prevents the people getting sick from products and service and poisoning.

Ensures trainings and development of the operational staff, the risk of loss of value of the business brand is reduced.

Company competitiveness increases and match with national and international laws and regulations

The requirements of the Veterinary Services Plant Health, Food and Feed Act are fulfilled. In order to prevent unfair advertising, the results of 3rd Party inspection are used for evidence purposes in the legal process.

Gıda Hijyen ve Kalite Yönetimi