Human Resources and Training Consultancy

İnsan Kaynakları ve Eğitim Danışmanlığı

The efficiency of the facility is to increase the number of qualified and happy employees.Operation starts with putting the right people in the right positions and developing the knowledge and skills of the people. Turizoom Human Resources, Quality and Training ; provides fast and reliable solutions to meet the qualified employee needs of brands and to improve the service skills of employees.

Basic Service Training

  • New Team Member Orientation Program
  • Success and Communication
  • Service Skills and Guest Loyalty
  • Effective Response to Problems

Other Trainings Supporting Operation

  • Hotel Opening Trainings,
  • Executive Training
  • Trainer's Training
  • Team Building and Development Training

Department Trainings

  • Sales Department Trainings
  • Food and Beverage Training
  • Kitchen and Stewards Training
  • Front Office Trainings,
  • Housekeeping Trainings
  • Security Trainings,
  • Purchasing Trainings
  • Finance & Accounting Trainings
  • Technical Service
  • Standards Training


  • Turn the Front Office staff to “ SALES STAFF”
  • To strengthen the synergies in all departments,
  • Comprehensive Human Resources Department,
    Secret guests and “ cold calls “
  • Customer Satisfaction reviews focus on weak points,

We offer trainings specially developed for your business or chain hotels.