Business and Service Standards

İşletme ve Hizmet Standartları

Turizoom International Management combines hotel services and service quality standards, industry specific features, current and future trends, and the proven synergy between genuine hospitality and professional customer service.

Turizoom, Service standards, aims to provide the comfort and satisfaction of the guests, strengthen your company's character and improve employee loyalty. Develops your own standards to combine the company's unique business concept with excellent service and excellent experience.

We offer consultancy services in the hospitality sector with our expert hotel management and service standards consultants .

Hotel Business and Service Standards;

The hotel management system which is a lodging facility with the international management standards, national legal regulations and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) management system established in accordance to operate the management system.

How to Set Up a Hotel Business and Service Standards System;

Hotel Management System; guest expectations of the facility, its location, target market, expectations of the stakeholders of the sector, expectations of the investors and expectations of the staff factors are taken into consideration.

Created Hotel Business and Service Standards; international management system standards, national legislative and hospitality sector standards and all of them based on the basis of all of them to be built on.

Hotel Business and Service Standards Installation rankings;

The effective implementation of the hotel management system is carried out in three stages.

  1. Turizoom does not vary according to the individual persons, it is maintained and in the same way, determines the service standards and operation standards and the responsibilities and efficency of the employees for the operation of the system.