Banquet and Meeting Sales Consultancy

Ziyafet ve Toplantı Satış Danışmanlığı

In order to achieve your banquet and meeting sales budget goals and objectives, you should create a system, planning and updating system that constantly updates the prospective buyers and organizations related to your product. Otherwise, you will have to have experiences with disappointments.

Few hotels offer sales authorities effective prospecting methods. Most of the hotels prefer methods such as cold search and networking in sales. Taking references, conducting surveys with prospective customers, taking part in industry meetings, actively participating and joining members, following sales opportunities, face-to-face meetings with prospective customers, organizing activities such as weekly and monthly dining organizations, following new business opportunities If you want to evaluate potential customer opportunities in the market and benefit from our existing potentials, we first look at your structure.

You can call us to take advantage of our experienced team who will create your infrastructure and meeting your competitiveness and your potential by identifying your cost, price and cost policies according to the analysis of your competitors by re-creating your structure, meeting your feast, meeting and other potentials.