Hotel Brand Entegration and Asset Consultancy

As TURIZOOM, consultancy is given to the investor to ensure optimum conditions during management and/or franchise negotiations with local or international hotel groups for all projects.

Steps related to Hotel Brand management;

  • Establishing connections with local and foreign operators or companies that give naming rights for the operation of the hotel, creating agreement models
  • Receiving proposals for business and naming rights in accordance with international norms and peers and providing a letter of goodwill
  • Signing a final contract with a hotel group as a result of negotiations and negotiations on the agreement models decided by the investor
  • Reviewing and finalizing the legal arrangements in the agreement together with the legal advisor of the investor

In case of signing a franchise agreement;

TURIZOOM INTERNATIONAL HOTEL MANAGEMENT can provide consultancy services on preparing the hotel for operation.

These services are;

  • Establishment of the hotel team
  • Creation of operating systems
  • Preliminary opening budget of the hotel
  • Creating job descriptions and all procedures,
  • It includes studies such as making a sales and marketing plan.