Mr. KILIÇ, was born in 1973. He kicked off  tourism career by taking education which has been taken  in Tourism Training Center of İstanbul.

1993-1999 Instructor  at Ministry of Culture andTourism and  on the job trainer at Tourism Training Center of İstanbul

1999-2002 Officer at HALKBANK

2003-2006 Lecturer, Tourism and Hotel Management at Marmara University

2006-2015 Lecturer , Tourism and Hotel Management at İstanbul Okan University

2015-Present PhD. Candidate , doctorate study  focus on Strategic Management of Hospitality Industry in Department of International Trade at İstanbul Gedik University

Participated in  European Union projects  with partners from  Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İstanbul Ticaret University , Marmara University

2002-Present Mr. KILIÇ still serves as a officer at Ministry of  Treasury and Finance and Member of  Association of Tourism  Hotel Managers (TUROYD)