Hotel Sales and Marketing Consultancy

Otel Satış ve Pazarlama Danışmanlığı

Analysis and Diagnosis

A fundamental analysis allows us to identify opportunities to improve brand and product positioning in comparison with desired positioning in the market and, if any, set targets. It provides a rough estimate of growth potential at an early stage.


TURİZOOM HOTEL MANAGEMENT will propose realistic goals that will allow us to set a clear roadmap during the planning phase, based on the client's brief and in line with our diagnosis and experience. Objectives can be quantitative or qualitative, general or very specific, depending on the requirements.


Depending on the circumstances, the market, the competition and the resources available, we will propose one or more strategic alternatives to achieving the objectives and these will likely have an impact on more than one key area of the business. We will consider important success factors as well as threats and obstacles.

Action plan

TURİZOOM is known for creating Marketing or/and Commercial action plans. These always include a comprehensive action calendar on all relevant key areas to integrate and align all efforts of teams towards a common goal. Where necessary, it will include processes and organizational guidelines.

Measuring results

Once the objectives, strategy and action plan are defined, we should monitor the evolution by tracking KPIs, Key Performance Indicators. We will recommend KPIs and create simple and comprehensive dashboards to visualize evolution, periodically we will see progress to implement corrective actions or adjust our action plan.