Turizoom is Growing Target Abroad

Turizoom International Hotel Management aims to contribute to the country’s economy by giving its investments in hotel investment and management consultancy to the investments abroad.

In 2019, it plans to raise 400 million USD to Turkish construction, industry, technology and hotel industry suppliers with its investment consultancy services abroad.

Turizoom Chairman Ali Can Aksu, who provides tourism consultancy services to many important conglomerates in the country and has recently established a strong management team, has decided that foreign investors now want to work with Turkish executives and planned in North Africa in accordance with the high demands from investors in Africa. Along with the hotel project, 4 countries in the Middle East and 4 countries in the Turkic republics said they started work.

Turizoom’s contribution to economy

Adding to the fact that these projects of Turizoom will contribute to the Turkish economy, as well as providing consultancy services to the facilities as well as all kinds of products and equipment related to the hotels, Ali Can Aksu has approximately 13.5 Billion USD in Africa and 8 Billion USD in the Middle East. Said there are new tourism investment plans worth USD 5 billion.

Africa from approximately 33 pieces of the hotel’s management stated that consultancy related demand come to them Aksu, as I Turizoo, Turkey as well as they have Europe’s most powerful and comprehensive management team, architecture until the opening process of the hotel from the initial stages of project configuration, management teams with hundreds of details such as brand identification, concept determination, implementation, feasibility and financial sustainability, financial infrastructure and installation, weak current data installations, online systems, web and digital media solutions, departmental organizations, training and auditing, staff quality, etc. said that.

Ali Can Aksu, “especially in the consultations on management consultancy basis, our national local brand hotels in the market, our thoughts, including the Turkish brands will be effective in the international markets,” he said.