Turizoom Has Signed An Agreement With Hilton Hotels For 4 New Projects.

Turizoom, Turkish Tourism’s leading management, investment, and consultancy company, continues to make a name for itself in the hospitality industry with its successful performance. By the end of 2023, the company is staying true to its growth strategy without slowing down.

Operating under the Turizoom Hotels & Resorts brand, the company is reinforcing its presence in the industry by opening significant hotels throughout Turkey in 2023. After Turizoom Business Hotel & Spa Elbistan, Turizoom Beach Resort Kumburgaz, and Turizoom City Hotel Ataşehir, they are preparing to open a new hotel named “Via Regia Cappadocia Managed By Turizoom Hotel & Fine Dining Restaurant,” which will host the mystical beauties of Cappadocia by the end of September.

Turizoom International Hotel Management is not only continuing its growth within the borders of Turkey but also making noteworthy projects internationally. With significant investments and consultancy work in countries such as Pakistan, Malta, Azerbaijan, Northern Iraq, and Libya, the company stands out with its experienced and expert team, providing quality hotel operations and internationally-based strategies.

Additionally, Turizoom International Hotel Management solidifies its success by forming strategic partnerships with leading brands in the industry. Their 4-hotel agreement with Hilton Hotels & Resorts includes projects like “DoubleTree By Hilton Suites Hotel Trabzon” in Trabzon and “DoubleTree By Hilton Suites Hotel Bursa Nilüfer” in Bursa, along with new projects in cities like Marmaris, Mersin, and Siirt.

Turizoom’s greatest strength lies in its expert team with international experience, as well as its proficiency in sales and marketing, revenue and expense management, quality management, and sustainable hotel operation management.

With its innovative approach, strong team, and solid foundations, Turizoom International Hotel Management continues to be one of Turkey’s most valuable brands in the hospitality sector. Through its successful journey and expanding network, it will remain a preferred hotel brand for many tourists in Turkey and around the world.

This article was published in the press on 28/07/2023